Happy Navratras


It is the period of “Shakti ki upasna” (worship of energy) as this is the transition phase. One weather / season to another. Body goes a little weak. Precisely this is the reason why one should eat light😊.
So there was a provision of fasting to keep the body healthy during this phase of transition. But fasting has taken a misguided route of feasting…🙈 Eating light is the key.
So that body has the strength to fight infections & stays healthy.
This was the reason for which it was linked with “shakti” that is strength.
One was also led into prayer so that a person has mental strength too. 
Mental & Physical strength both will keep the individual ready for changes ahead.
So please let’s eat light n healthy😊🌸 during navratras so that body is ready for season ahead 👍
Happy Navratras!

Social parasites

Today I am so very thankful to one of my long distance clients while working with whom I realized to the fact that I was allowing a big chunk of my energy dissipating for a silly reason. Also thankful to the person who was the major sucker and appeared in the whole saga as the protector. On confronting the sucker showed the true colors. Thank God after a few hours of being startled I came back to sanity and for the first time in the current life chose not to let it continue. Very happy and energized to feel my complete energy once again. It’s good to share but allowing somebody to use your things even knowledge (based on your own research) stealthily so is allowing abuse in a hidden form. Have allowed this forever. Not anymore.

Was wondering, it feels nice to think “oh my compassion was being misused” but is that all. Am I still so naive and moronic to let it happen. I think No! It’s my need to keep company that I allow such suckers in my periphery. No more. Remembering the lesson taught by my father during my childhood, “Better alone than in Bad company.”

Now when my material is ready to be shared and taught. The sucker (I am choosing to use this word as expression not to condemn the person but to keep reminding myself) is all set to play the victim and use my material. Now I say get out of my life. Just for this little weakness of mine and my silliness of sharing my personal issues with the sucker were making me weak. The 90% that I was giving was overshadowed by 10% that this sucker gave. Why? Only because the sucker was good at marketing and receiving. I am ready to accept my stupidity and let go of this past mistake. No more you sucker!!! Get lost, go away, far far away.

Who is this sucker? These suckers of energy/good luck come in our lives in different forms and shapes. Sometimes they are so close that they blind your vision. You doubt your own sensibility.
Keep your mind open, not just your eyes. You are giving away your good karma to these suckers. Stop paying the price for your goodness. Be good but please start with yourself without feeling guilty of it. You deserve to keep your good karma and enjoy the fruits of it.

Can’t regret what is already given but now promise yourself not to be fooled again. Let go off the parasites. 


Yes…Alvira is bored of the mundane life and being blamed for all the wrongs around her. She has decided to take a break from being nice and kind to others. Time to give time and attention to herself.

Now she has started to look at options to kindle her joy element. High time…lookielookie inwards and towards herself to garner happiness for herself instead of looking outside.

Now Alvira is busy as usual but not finding faults with herself rather she whole heartedly rejected all that and all those who find fault with her. She is past the “pleasing all” phase of her life…believing forever. Her focus is to be able to do things for herself and remove the blots from her soul due to blames put on her. She is breaking free. 


The moment the phrase Karma Management is uttered, the idea of “struggle” automatically creeps in. Why ? Probably whenever something needs to be managed, either it’s a crisis or a situation which can turn into crisis. Thus, it begins with a critical situation or atleast an idea of it. Hmm…so what is the solution? Is it better to live the Karma or manage it? Well, to each his/her own.

There can’t be a straight answer to it. Like for Alvira, a high spirited enthusiastic not so young woman got her karma of a loyal partner so she happily accepted it and “lived the karma”. On the other hand, the loyal partner showing not much interest in planning the future or discussing the routine mundane things can be a pain. So she chose to “manage this karma”. Will that be easy?

Again the word “easy” would mean different to different persons. Alvira has had a very interesting (full of twists & turns) life till her current age of 39 years, so difficult has left her dictionary long back and she didn’t even realize that herself.  So she has the experience to “manage the karma”  but does she have the “fuel” to do so further ? Only the consequences of her current deeds will show that in the near and later future. So far she has managed the inherited Karma all her life. In the first 25 years she did it unknowingly to varying degrees but 26th year onward she gained enough experience to command her life the way she desired but again fell into the Karmic dig at the 31st year. Made the karmic mistakes and continued for next 6-7 years losing and regaining hope. She had the awareness always though about the glitches which is why she regained her strength back and managed the Karma again just due to her inner strength (resultant of self motivation and immense meditation).

So till now she has been doing fine. Created a life which she doesn’t have written in her horoscope. Has changed most of it. But all this constant working to bring changes has somewhere ripped her off of her unquestioning faith. She has lost all contact with the external God. All she knows now a God, an energy of creation in her own self. Secretly, she has told herself “you are your own God, no other God is coming to your rescue. So stop wasting your time in waiting for things to happen, just make them happen.” With this thought process, it’s unlikely she would stop “managing her karma” at any point. Yes as this is true that she would ‘continue’, that’s true too that all the situations and people around her in her paradigm can’t remain the same. They will ‘change’ or they will change. All she needs is to bring herself to terms with this reality that some people who are with her today, may not be there with her in recent future. This knowingness holds her back sometimes. In earlier years she moved on with pain and a prolonged pain. But now owing to her experience in the ascended understanding of the process of evolution, she chooses on her own, when to stay and when to quit. All the karmic pain is her ‘conscious and informed choice’. She is in the process of managing a karma (read preparing herself to make a choice) which may change many equations around her. In her short span, she has lived 4 lives already and resolved all the karma from those lives. Now the moment she steps up, many near and dear ones won’t be there in the vicinity. They will live in the illusion though that they are there in her life. But she is aware fully what would entail what.

Sometimes ‘knowing’ can be a pain but it’s always a gain. A person like Alvira won’t stay hidden or lack-lustre for long. She will choose to shine soon as that’s how she is cut out. There’s no other way her soul, all her cells, her consciousness and her total being knows. The moment she breaks free from the current choice of being a home-maker just for the want of being reciprocated. It will be a different life. The life she is just choosing to delay. All her efforts are to take her people (ones she loves dearly even at the soul level) along but she won’t be able to wait much longer as soon either they would have to make the choice of understanding and reforming or they will lose touch with her. Her sheen is gonna be so bright that one would require to be as clean, as pure, as ready, as flexible, as loving, as kind as her. Or else, they won’t be there simply. She can see it that’s why she is choosing to give them all more time.

Alvira has carved out the plan completely to the last day of this sojourn till the cross over and beyond. She is lovingly going through the turmoils as she is staying in the dense energy of Pain and suffering to help them all to cross over and manage their karma faster and enjoy limitless bliss and abundance. Looking closely, one can see she has played a role of guide to so many already and doing hand holding even now. Is it karma? No and Yes both. No as this not inherited. Yes as this is her current choice.

This darlinself realized godly being (not showing off as one though) is surely arrived. She deserves to move beyond this pain undoubtedly. May God send light and clarity of knowingness to all those for whom Alvira has chosen to delay her growth. Amen!

Upto everyone, whether they manage one life or many…Alvira is equipped to manage them all in one and how. Kudos!


Hi…just wondering how a couple who have just started their journey gets absorbed in the Group consciousness of ‘how to put their spouse down”. One verbal volley after the other…hitting like a seasoned hunter (read a long time husband/wife) proves how the primitive thought processes/hidden genetic coding or else just the need of “conforming to the societal norms” that wives are the punishing souls and husbands are forever the punished and victimised ones.

I am surprised to see people who end up living their entire 2/3rd of their lives with persons they detest all the time in public or in their heart or both. I am completely at un-ease due to this today.

Why can’t people just be the real they are…? Why do they need to put down their wives to enjoy the centre stage in a group familial or friendly? Even the persons who are generally happy with their respective partners, noticed they too start recounting all those “incidents when their lives turned hellish due to the monster called wife in their life” … Fair! They have a problem…they are sharing and venting out their pain. Accepted! 

In that case, I just wish to know when and where will they ever find the place & time to admire their monstrous wives for the little good they have brought to their lives. (I do not wish to express the lop sided view that only husbands do this. Wives also do it but the % ratio is 80-20) So today focusing on the 80% i.e. the husbands badmouthing about their wives’ misdemeanour, bad cooking, mood swings, anger bouts which can be actually (generally) counted against all those moments when she nursed you having sleepless nights, forego her sweet morning sleep to align a routine for you and your family, avoiding herself in the priority list willingly, forgetting to do things which were a part of her life, organising events for you, entertaining guests according to your whims, carrying out your instruction manual, taking your unwaranted criticism all the time.

Why on earth do you feel that you have the right to publically announce all the dirty incidents between the two of you putting all the blame on her. She put more chillies and you (the poor and helpless one) had it without complaining… Did u have any shame doing so…nopes… you take pride in doing so in public. If you are so enthusiastic to share things publically…learn to share the good things too, the value added to your life with your wife, learn to APPRECIATE too for the numerous goodies in your respective wives with details as you do while criticising her for her monsterous side.

The more you speak and think of the Sorry moments (to which both of you contributed), the more sick you or any member of your family would be. Lies have the energy of destruction. Appreciation & Love constructs.

Make or Break. It’s in your hand. Want to make a difference? Make a contribution and be real instead of just being a regular guy… have the courage to raise your head before all the men (your so called friends or relatives) and have the courage to appreciate your spouse. You may feel like a odd man out for a while. But you will save and be a source of giving a happier marital life for yourself and your audience too. As this small act of genuinely praising your partner will not just strengthen your bond with your own partner rather you will be an example to others that “it’s ok to appreciate and admire your spouse” in public instead of demeaning them so prudely and realize their worth and value in their life and be proud to acknowledge that in public.

Health of a relationship depends a lot on mutual respect and genuine regard which is obviously missing if you are embarrassed of  being with the person you are living with. Know your partner well and then you may not have reasons to despise them. Just don;t fall prey to the societal ways. Be urself, be kind and truthful.

Forgive & let go…

Now let’s talk about apologising or seeking forgiveness. People often mistake ‘forgiving’ with ‘being submissive’ or ‘losing your ground’ or ‘accepting non-sense’ repeatedly and things like these. Well, highly mistaken! My apologies to those but friends…’forgiveness is not a tool used by meek or weak people rather it’s the strength of a person. By forgiving, you save your time and energy on something which is least important in the actual mechanics. That’s right. But if you allow a person or situation to abuse you n the name of ‘forgiveness’ then it’s your choice not that person or situation. Forgiveness is acceptance coupled with letting go.

Letting go in effect shall entail to the fact that either that person/situation changes or changes. It implies that either the person/situation is transformed or is removed from your life. Be mindful of not allowing anybody to trespass in your sane space just because you are kind and forgiving. That’s complete forgiveness, it is surely NOT allowance of continued abuse in your life.

Be wise, smart and cool enough to know where to stop. Forgive but remember to guard your space from unhealthy people and situations. This changes your space, your thinking pattern and thus paves a fresh way to a new leash of life in the same life that you are living. Forgive and let go forever. Sure shot to happiness.

Enjoy Creator’s bounty Now & Forever


Closing conversations…

Avoid making conversations just for the purpose of doing it. They never lead anywhere. Sometimes silence is surely the best substitute. Be mindful of your itch to express in case you can make out that it’s not going to make any sense to the other person. Else, all you will be left with is unsaid and misunderstood words and leave an undesired impression or a scar on your heart/mind/or wherever you wish to forbear the fruits of this unwanted chit-chat. Be sensible enough to decide when to stop and when to open your mind. Never ever take the ‘understanding’ of others of ‘you’ for granted. It can vary from person to person and even with the same person from time to time.

Ask yourself, do you really need to continue this conversation…trust the time that you put in taking a pause to ask this is very meagre in comparison to the time you are going to spend in undoing the ‘unwanted chat’ and furthermore sometimes you can’t even do that. Avoid the scars which are undeniably unwanted in any case and can never be something wanted.

When was the last time, you ever felt good after an argument, no matter how justified you were. I am sure ‘never’ is the answer. Argument can never leave you refreshed. Yes, a good discussion can. They key is to be mindful when the ‘discussion’ is about to turn into or slip into an ‘argument’, stop yourself from continuing even if you got to apologise, do it. This is very small price you pay for your mental peace.
Enjoy Creator’s bounty Now & Forever

Feeding ground and it’s fodder

Watch the ground or the fodder ?

Hi 🙂 … back after a long time…
some more ideas springing and some new thoughts harnessing in my heart..hmm…may be head…
Well…what is the ground where my thoughts (or yours) are taking shape.
Let’s find out together…shall be fun.

Cool… so when we ‘think’… intentionally or not so intentionally (call it consciously or subconsciously) … Let’s understand

When a THOUGHT pops up… I am used to ‘thinking’ it’s happening somewhere in my head. My head has ‘brain’ encased in there inside the skull. Is the key there ?

Well…according to the what we have known since time immemorial that ideas (processed thoughts) take birth in the brain. Brain is a cluster of neurons. So the nerves is where I am processing my thoughts. Okay…but is it only the neurons in the brain that think?… I don’t think so. How can I dare to be so partial that brain has more intelligent nerves & rest of the body has dud neurons. No no no…that can’t be. As I know for sure that all my thoughts reflect in the cells of my body. All the cells (including the nerve cells) have their intelligence as they show their condition changing under different life situations. By the way, this has been proved scientifically too. Thoughts and emotion reflect in the health of any organ and vice versa. Phew! then it means I think throughout the body and beyond as I am not just this body. hmm… it’s getting deeper and more intriguing now. Okay, let’s explore further. 

So as I am understanding, all my organs ‘think’ and certainly process ideas. But nerves are the major ‘connectors’ that help me think in the same direction from all my organs. Ahan! Is it? That would be ideal but it’s surely not happening. That is why there are issues like inflammation, degeneration, pain etc. in different parts of the body. Asthma, Kidney stones, Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypo/hyperthyroidism to name a few things normally people complain about. Then, there are other issues like tooth decay, cancer, infections etc. 

It’s getting a little puzzling now.First we talked about ‘thoughts’, then we jumped to the thing that we think throughout the body and now we are talking about all these diseases and physical issues. But wait, what about so called psycho-somatic disorders like Anxiety, Depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc. Good lord! It means somewhere all I need to do is to watch/check/fix my ‘thought patterns’ and allow all my ‘being’ : physical & beyond to proceed in one direction and that shall help me stay fit and healthy always. Sounds easy. (Is it?) Yes! Very easy and simple. 

 (More articles from the same source i.e. Dr Monica Nagpal shall explain how thoughts affect the body and mind)

So for now the question is what is to be monitored the ‘body’ which is the ground where the ‘thoughts’ i.e. the fodder originates. It’s kinda tricky to answer like the age old chicken-egg parable : what came first? Let’s again consider what is the best possible that can be done or what exactly can be done. So I already have a body and a thinking mechanism. Is it in my control? Well it better be. Otherwise, it all goes haywire. Both the body and thought require to be in cohesion. To keep the body fit, we can exercise and to keep the thought mechanism fit, we can Meditate. This is the easiest way to keep a healthy and happy mind & body. In short, both the ground and fodder have their importance and thus both require maintenance. This easily keeps the person aligned to the universal energy and thus happy, healthy & abundant. 

 (Also read, articles about ‘Benefits of Meditation’ by Dr Monica Nagpal)

Happy meter

Your slice of (un)happiness… at a glance & deep

What is true or complete happiness….
One in the divine/To be able to share your joy & abundance with your family?
or something likewise
Well…let’s see what does family mean to us…”VasudhevKutumbkam” (the whole world is my family myth) or your family only your blood(y) kith and kin.
Depending on this you will have your slice of happiness or unhappiness.

As many people you have to deal with…that shall lead to your ‘happy meter”

So… what do you think?… won’t that be simpler if your happiness if at all has to depend on anything then it’s only on one person and that is ‘you’ Only???

Hmm…let’s see if it is possible to stay that way… happy or unhappy… with yourself

Surely… you are the happiest “if ” you do not have unrealistic expectations from self like driving to the moon in 5 minutes and getting the stars when you want etc.
Ok ok … jokes apart… why would you rather not be happy with yourself ? … let’s look at it this way.

What can make you unhappy with yourself ? 

1. Appearance ? … well everybody is unique & complete in their own way
2. Career ? … hmm… does your career ONLY define you ? … come on get real… nobody is concerned how good or bad you do in your office
3. Family ? … Pl watch… that means other people … not you
4. Social status… this is biggest facade… come on… face it … you are what you are
5. Goals ?… achieved some/will achieve some… rest shall also come…be wise not dumb
6. Friends ?… mind you..that means other people… oh ok… you mean the number of friends…
Believe me… one ‘good one’ is much better than the hoards of them… they can be actually a pain in the neck or ‘as… sometimes… So get over and move on.
7. Wishes unfulfilled… life’s too short & transient for all of them to be fulfilled… you are here today, gone tomorrow like the bubble in a puddle.
8. You don’t have enough clothes…come on go out & see on the roads of any under-developed or developing countries…Shhh…even some of the so called developed ones too.
9. You don’t enough to eat… you have?…that too in the comfort of your home or a place where you are living safely…that’s more important… get in the gratefulness mode… life shall be easier
10. Your partner doesn’t listen to you… well it was your choice to have this one… so if you can’t meal with it…deal with it… don’t stay stuck… proverbial Love may strike someday… make your efforts & move on from the situation not the person necessarily (it’s your own reflection… find the cause not the shadow of it if you have the courage) … No matter how many partners you change… situation’s gonna be the same (generally)… exceptions exist!
11. Children?… Who are they?… if they are not yours…why are you concerned… if they are yours… you can’t be concerned… they are as good or as bad as you … Period!… stop the non-sense of driving yourself nuts. They are reminding you of something that you didnt mend & forgot. That’s all.
12. Anything else… that might have been missed … Pl feel free to mention… shall help many to find a reason to move on in life from that too… in turn… removing one more block to happiness.
13. Not mentioned money…because I believe all of you have seen it or know it already..”Money can’t buy happiness”… so let’s not invest more of our energy there.
etc etc.

So what are we left with now to deal with…. not much … feeling lighter?

So let’s focus on something new now… what takes away this lightness or even better what all can aid us in maintaining this lightness.

Not just mentally… even physically
(Good news for all those people who have extra pounds to let go…get rid of all the crappy & junk emotions… your diets & exercise will shown better results.)

Next post shall have more info & detail on this… till then… just live light with all your might… stay bright & live better not a battling knight.


Thank You…

Cliched but true… (composed sometime in 2013, posting now…)

“Gratitude to those who were good to you ; Forgiveness to those who were not.” 

We meet people for different reasons and a myriad seasons… Today who love you may not be there
with you tomorrow… the depth of one’s character becomes evident in maintaining still a balanced view about them all.

This is no philosophy…I am living it since last 7 months…Seeing it every moment how people once swearing the moon for me are having a veiled view… whereas God stayed always… despite all the drama “God” , yes God appeared… he does appear like in my childhood stories that my granny told… when all so called friends just vanished… there came a oceanic wave of love from nowhere which just cleansed all the pain (I hid it but LOVE healed it)…

This LOVE so UNCONDITIONAL which I have been hearing about (more so) for the last 4 years… I believed it blindly and felt the feeling of betrayal for a while but the last few months  showed me so much of it that I never could imagine existed…and I am so humbled by the support and love extended by people far and wide… coming from people who really are angelic and true masters who make no claim of there solidarity with you but just come stand close to you to make you feel “You’re fine”… ” It shall be fine”… “God loves you”… “Come on buddy…keep the faith”… “Hey u know and I know you can do better than this”… ” Hey let’s look at future” … “Come on wake up..it was always like dat, thank God u see it now”… “Hey you gave me strength, you cant be weak”… “Be ready, we r going for a party”… “All is well”… “Thank your stars…parasites have left you” … “Come on love…it’s time to celebrate”… “Hey man…I am so happy for you, you’re free from shackles”… “these are my prayers answered for you”  they all showed me God in each cell in each atom… Some of them won’t be there with me always. But they all appeared with amazing daze of God’s love.
Today I thank them all once again for helping me reinforce…”Goodness stays unabated & is certainly rewarded and God’s presence is uninterrupted”
I am truly blessed and lucky to have you all with me. God bless us all.
Thank you