Feb 11, 2015

Forgive & let go…

Now let’s talk about apologising or seeking forgiveness. People often mistake ‘forgiving’ with ‘being submissive’ or ‘losing your ground’ or ‘accepting non-sense’ repeatedly and things like these. Well, highly mistaken! My apologies to those but friends…’forgiveness is not a tool used by meek or weak people rather it’s the strength of a person. By forgiving, you save your time and energy on something which is least important in the actual mechanics. That’s right. But if you allow a person or situation to abuse you n the name of ‘forgiveness’ then it’s your choice not that person or situation. Forgiveness is acceptance coupled with letting go.

Letting go in effect shall entail to the fact that either that person/situation changes or changes. It implies that either the person/situation is transformed or is removed from your life. Be mindful of not allowing anybody to trespass in your sane space just because you are kind and forgiving. That’s complete forgiveness, it is surely NOT allowance of continued abuse in your life.

Be wise, smart and cool enough to know where to stop. Forgive but remember to guard your space from unhealthy people and situations. This changes your space, your thinking pattern and thus paves a fresh way to a new leash of life in the same life that you are living. Forgive and let go forever. Sure shot to happiness.

Enjoy Creator’s bounty Now & Forever