Feb 11, 2015

Closing conversations…

Avoid making conversations just for the purpose of doing it. They never lead anywhere. Sometimes silence is surely the best substitute. Be mindful of your itch to express in case you can make out that it’s not going to make any sense to the other person. Else, all you will be left with is unsaid and misunderstood words and leave an undesired impression or a scar on your heart/mind/or wherever you wish to forbear the fruits of this unwanted chit-chat. Be sensible enough to decide when to stop and when to open your mind. Never ever take the ‘understanding’ of others of ‘you’ for granted. It can vary from person to person and even with the same person from time to time.

Ask yourself, do you really need to continue this conversation…trust the time that you put in taking a pause to ask this is very meagre in comparison to the time you are going to spend in undoing the ‘unwanted chat’ and furthermore sometimes you can’t even do that. Avoid the scars which are undeniably unwanted in any case and can never be something wanted.

When was the last time, you ever felt good after an argument, no matter how justified you were. I am sure ‘never’ is the answer. Argument can never leave you refreshed. Yes, a good discussion can. They key is to be mindful when the ‘discussion’ is about to turn into or slip into an ‘argument’, stop yourself from continuing even if you got to apologise, do it. This is very small price you pay for your mental peace.
Enjoy Creator’s bounty Now & Forever