Happy Navratras


It is the period of “Shakti ki upasna” (worship of energy) as this is the transition phase. One weather / season to another. Body goes a little weak. Precisely this is the reason why one should eat light😊.
So there was a provision of fasting to keep the body healthy during this phase of transition. But fasting has taken a misguided route of feasting…🙈 Eating light is the key.
So that body has the strength to fight infections & stays healthy.
This was the reason for which it was linked with “shakti” that is strength.
One was also led into prayer so that a person has mental strength too. 
Mental & Physical strength both will keep the individual ready for changes ahead.
So please let’s eat light n healthy😊🌸 during navratras so that body is ready for season ahead 👍
Happy Navratras!