April 12, 2015


The moment the phrase Karma Management is uttered, the idea of “struggle” automatically creeps in. Why ? Probably whenever something needs to be managed, either it’s a crisis or a situation which can turn into crisis. Thus, it begins with a critical situation or atleast an idea of it. Hmm…so what is the solution? Is it better to live the Karma or manage it? Well, to each his/her own.

There can’t be a straight answer to it. Like for Alvira, a high spirited enthusiastic not so young woman got her karma of a loyal partner so she happily accepted it and “lived the karma”. On the other hand, the loyal partner showing not much interest in planning the future or discussing the routine mundane things can be a pain. So she chose to “manage this karma”. Will that be easy?

Again the word “easy” would mean different to different persons. Alvira has had a very interesting (full of twists & turns) life till her current age of 39 years, so difficult has left her dictionary long back and she didn’t even realize that herself.  So she has the experience to “manage the karma”  but does she have the “fuel” to do so further ? Only the consequences of her current deeds will show that in the near and later future. So far she has managed the inherited Karma all her life. In the first 25 years she did it unknowingly to varying degrees but 26th year onward she gained enough experience to command her life the way she desired but again fell into the Karmic dig at the 31st year. Made the karmic mistakes and continued for next 6-7 years losing and regaining hope. She had the awareness always though about the glitches which is why she regained her strength back and managed the Karma again just due to her inner strength (resultant of self motivation and immense meditation).

So till now she has been doing fine. Created a life which she doesn’t have written in her horoscope. Has changed most of it. But all this constant working to bring changes has somewhere ripped her off of her unquestioning faith. She has lost all contact with the external God. All she knows now a God, an energy of creation in her own self. Secretly, she has told herself “you are your own God, no other God is coming to your rescue. So stop wasting your time in waiting for things to happen, just make them happen.” With this thought process, it’s unlikely she would stop “managing her karma” at any point. Yes as this is true that she would ‘continue’, that’s true too that all the situations and people around her in her paradigm can’t remain the same. They will ‘change’ or they will change. All she needs is to bring herself to terms with this reality that some people who are with her today, may not be there with her in recent future. This knowingness holds her back sometimes. In earlier years she moved on with pain and a prolonged pain. But now owing to her experience in the ascended understanding of the process of evolution, she chooses on her own, when to stay and when to quit. All the karmic pain is her ‘conscious and informed choice’. She is in the process of managing a karma (read preparing herself to make a choice) which may change many equations around her. In her short span, she has lived 4 lives already and resolved all the karma from those lives. Now the moment she steps up, many near and dear ones won’t be there in the vicinity. They will live in the illusion though that they are there in her life. But she is aware fully what would entail what.

Sometimes ‘knowing’ can be a pain but it’s always a gain. A person like Alvira won’t stay hidden or lack-lustre for long. She will choose to shine soon as that’s how she is cut out. There’s no other way her soul, all her cells, her consciousness and her total being knows. The moment she breaks free from the current choice of being a home-maker just for the want of being reciprocated. It will be a different life. The life she is just choosing to delay. All her efforts are to take her people (ones she loves dearly even at the soul level) along but she won’t be able to wait much longer as soon either they would have to make the choice of understanding and reforming or they will lose touch with her. Her sheen is gonna be so bright that one would require to be as clean, as pure, as ready, as flexible, as loving, as kind as her. Or else, they won’t be there simply. She can see it that’s why she is choosing to give them all more time.

Alvira has carved out the plan completely to the last day of this sojourn till the cross over and beyond. She is lovingly going through the turmoils as she is staying in the dense energy of Pain and suffering to help them all to cross over and manage their karma faster and enjoy limitless bliss and abundance. Looking closely, one can see she has played a role of guide to so many already and doing hand holding even now. Is it karma? No and Yes both. No as this not inherited. Yes as this is her current choice.

This darlinself realized godly being (not showing off as one though) is surely arrived. She deserves to move beyond this pain undoubtedly. May God send light and clarity of knowingness to all those for whom Alvira has chosen to delay her growth. Amen!

Upto everyone, whether they manage one life or many…Alvira is equipped to manage them all in one and how. Kudos!