Jan 22, 2015

Feeding ground and it’s fodder

Watch the ground or the fodder ?

Hi 🙂 … back after a long time…
some more ideas springing and some new thoughts harnessing in my heart..hmm…may be head…
Well…what is the ground where my thoughts (or yours) are taking shape.
Let’s find out together…shall be fun.

Cool… so when we ‘think’… intentionally or not so intentionally (call it consciously or subconsciously) … Let’s understand

When a THOUGHT pops up… I am used to ‘thinking’ it’s happening somewhere in my head. My head has ‘brain’ encased in there inside the skull. Is the key there ?

Well…according to the what we have known since time immemorial that ideas (processed thoughts) take birth in the brain. Brain is a cluster of neurons. So the nerves is where I am processing my thoughts. Okay…but is it only the neurons in the brain that think?… I don’t think so. How can I dare to be so partial that brain has more intelligent nerves & rest of the body has dud neurons. No no no…that can’t be. As I know for sure that all my thoughts reflect in the cells of my body. All the cells (including the nerve cells) have their intelligence as they show their condition changing under different life situations. By the way, this has been proved scientifically too. Thoughts and emotion reflect in the health of any organ and vice versa. Phew! then it means I think throughout the body and beyond as I am not just this body. hmm… it’s getting deeper and more intriguing now. Okay, let’s explore further. 

So as I am understanding, all my organs ‘think’ and certainly process ideas. But nerves are the major ‘connectors’ that help me think in the same direction from all my organs. Ahan! Is it? That would be ideal but it’s surely not happening. That is why there are issues like inflammation, degeneration, pain etc. in different parts of the body. Asthma, Kidney stones, Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypo/hyperthyroidism to name a few things normally people complain about. Then, there are other issues like tooth decay, cancer, infections etc. 

It’s getting a little puzzling now.First we talked about ‘thoughts’, then we jumped to the thing that we think throughout the body and now we are talking about all these diseases and physical issues. But wait, what about so called psycho-somatic disorders like Anxiety, Depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc. Good lord! It means somewhere all I need to do is to watch/check/fix my ‘thought patterns’ and allow all my ‘being’ : physical & beyond to proceed in one direction and that shall help me stay fit and healthy always. Sounds easy. (Is it?) Yes! Very easy and simple. 

 (More articles from the same source i.e. Dr Monica Nagpal shall explain how thoughts affect the body and mind)

So for now the question is what is to be monitored the ‘body’ which is the ground where the ‘thoughts’ i.e. the fodder originates. It’s kinda tricky to answer like the age old chicken-egg parable : what came first? Let’s again consider what is the best possible that can be done or what exactly can be done. So I already have a body and a thinking mechanism. Is it in my control? Well it better be. Otherwise, it all goes haywire. Both the body and thought require to be in cohesion. To keep the body fit, we can exercise and to keep the thought mechanism fit, we can Meditate. This is the easiest way to keep a healthy and happy mind & body. In short, both the ground and fodder have their importance and thus both require maintenance. This easily keeps the person aligned to the universal energy and thus happy, healthy & abundant. 

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