Nov 9, 2014

Thank You…

Cliched but true… (composed sometime in 2013, posting now…)

“Gratitude to those who were good to you ; Forgiveness to those who were not.” 

We meet people for different reasons and a myriad seasons… Today who love you may not be there
with you tomorrow… the depth of one’s character becomes evident in maintaining still a balanced view about them all.

This is no philosophy…I am living it since last 7 months…Seeing it every moment how people once swearing the moon for me are having a veiled view… whereas God stayed always… despite all the drama “God” , yes God appeared… he does appear like in my childhood stories that my granny told… when all so called friends just vanished… there came a oceanic wave of love from nowhere which just cleansed all the pain (I hid it but LOVE healed it)…

This LOVE so UNCONDITIONAL which I have been hearing about (more so) for the last 4 years… I believed it blindly and felt the feeling of betrayal for a while but the last few months  showed me so much of it that I never could imagine existed…and I am so humbled by the support and love extended by people far and wide… coming from people who really are angelic and true masters who make no claim of there solidarity with you but just come stand close to you to make you feel “You’re fine”… ” It shall be fine”… “God loves you”… “Come on buddy…keep the faith”… “Hey u know and I know you can do better than this”… ” Hey let’s look at future” … “Come on wake was always like dat, thank God u see it now”… “Hey you gave me strength, you cant be weak”… “Be ready, we r going for a party”… “All is well”… “Thank your stars…parasites have left you” … “Come on love…it’s time to celebrate”… “Hey man…I am so happy for you, you’re free from shackles”… “these are my prayers answered for you”  they all showed me God in each cell in each atom… Some of them won’t be there with me always. But they all appeared with amazing daze of God’s love.
Today I thank them all once again for helping me reinforce…”Goodness stays unabated & is certainly rewarded and God’s presence is uninterrupted”
I am truly blessed and lucky to have you all with me. God bless us all.
Thank you