God has gifted me ‘the gift of gab’ for sure. I thoroughly believe in the power of words and the manifestation of our reality according to what we speak. What we speak and utter is more or less is a reflection of our thoughts. I live by the maxims “Change your Thoughts, Change your world” and “Walk the Talk”. Universe has blessed me in many ways. One of my gifts being the “manifesting power of speech” I am able to heal and transform energy with my ability to speak with unconditional love. Therefore, all my talks prove to be beneficial in many ways to everyone depending upon their receptivity.

All my activities like the Webinars, Talks, Retreats, Workshops are all designed to bring in changes – general and specific. Join any of them to heal, transform and get empowered in the Now easily and effortlessly. The choices you make design your life. Every step is a building block. Come…let’s tread on.



Do you…

  • have questions regarding your health?
  • get influenced by views/opinions of others easily?
  • feel comfortable and strong while taking decisions or doubt yourself?
  • suffer within due to lack of self esteem?
  • get angry easily?
  • feel insecure about anything?
  • have fears like- fear of the unknown, fear of being too bad or too good?
  • have unhealthy or conflicting relationships
  • have a problem connecting with others?
  • have a problem being accepted by others or by yourself?
  • have a problem expressing yourself?
  • have a problem connecting with others or the divine?
  • have any issues in personal or professional life?
  • have any health issue?
  • have any lack of money, lack of luck etc.?
  • have an career bumps which are becoming a pattern?
  • have spiritual aspirations and are looking for answers?

If any of the above is true for you, the solutions are waiting for you my friend.

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    Dear friends,

    I have an experience of being an entrepreneur for almost two decades now and thus am aware of the nuances of the material world and my spiritual journey like all of us has been going on for times immemorial. But to put things in perspective for the current stay on this planet, I have been a practicing spiritual healer and mentor since 2002 and have been doing trainings too since then.

    I have been a channel of a beautiful and simple technique called Harmonic Life Therapy and all its elements are my guiding light when I speak. (To know more about me, Visit Talks Webinars Retreats) ( My Bio, Glimpse of my Journey)


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