SoulNama retreats are designed by Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri to facilitate a rejuvenation for body, mind & soul. Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri is a new age spiritual mentor with an experience of dealing & successfully healing various diseases and disorders of body, mind & soul. She has been instrumental in successfully healing myriad issues concerning thyroid conditions, back pain, depression, heart conditions, cancer: lungs, prostate, brain, breast etc. , asthama, eyes.

Dr. Monica is an expert in interpersonal relationships at home and at office. Her motivational and inspirational skills have benefitted many in their material & spiritual growth. One learns to connect with oneself, three ways of meditation and how to apply the concepts of solving life issues. Energetic structure: chakras, aura etc. are explained and balanced. There are sessions on DNA activation. One can learn the art of Tarot Reading using the simple decks designed by her only. She has found easy way out of resolving the issues people face in life. She is an ardent believer in simplifying things and has been the founder of simple yet powerful tools of healing in a variety of ways. The most popular healing tools designed / developed by her are the Energy Booster, the Space cleanser, Third Eye Charger, THZ Tarot – the Divine Healing Cards, Angel Cards. There are other self help material like self help books, meditation CDs, Detox pads, blessed camphor, oils and incense also available. One can choose from three plans : SoulnaMa, SoulnaMa divine & SoulnaMa soulmate. (link to Activities- Retreats)Register soon to transform your life.