Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri is the master life coach & a mind expert with almost 2 decades of experience in resolving relationship issues. She is happily married and is well aware of the the relationship drama and trauma that one goes through owing to her own tryst with divorce. She believes that the blossoming relationships are possible in almost every relationship and can be achieved if the problem causing blocks are removed. Apart from personal relationship issues, she is experienced in dealing with the corporate issues of junior-senior discords, life skills for efficient working, stress management etc. In her long career of 18 years, she has helped entrepreneurs, CEOs, start a preneurs and home makers in developing their enterprising capacity. Qualified as an Industrial Counsellor and with her own experience as an employee & entrepreneur, she guides, mentors & coaches her clients and students to form and develop relationships which are nourishing & nurturing in the short and long terms. Connect with her to resolve any kind of relationship issues.



Do you…

  • Have issues connecting with relatives/ colleagues?
  • Compare yourself with others?
  • judge yourself and/or others?
  • suffer within due to lack of self esteem?
  • get angry easily with yourself and/or others?
  • feel insecure about anything?
  • have unhealthy or conflicting relationships?
  • have a problem connecting with others?
  • have fears like- fear of the losing relationships at home or at work?
  • have a problem being accepted by others at home or in society at large?
  • feel judged by others?
  • have a problem connecting with others or the divine?
  • have any issues in personal or professional life?
  • have any issues with love and relationships?
  • feel left out in a group of known or unknown group of people?
  • Have you been facing break ups which are becoming a pattern?
  • wish to manifest a loving partner, your SOULMATE?

If any of the above is true for you, the solutions are waiting for you my friend.

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    Know your Coach and Relationship Counsellor

    Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri is a new age coach and mentor who has an experience bringing a balance and in the body, mind & soul.. Dr. Monica is an expert in interpersonal relationships at home and at office. Her motivational and inspirational skills have benefitted many in their material & spiritual growth. One learns to connect with oneself and becomes empowered to deal with any kind of issues that they come face to face with. She helps one reach the key to the problem very easily and effortlessly. As a bonus, she balances the energetic structure of her clients and students. Her sessions also include the powerful doses of DNA activation. One can learn the art of Tarot Reading using the simple decks designed by her only which helps in developing a great repot with self. She is an ardent believer in simplifying things. She is a gifted and intuitive psychic and healer too which is an added advantage as one gets healed too in sessions with her. Dr. Monica is always focused in helping them to envision their dreams by embracing self- empowerment. To know more click on My Bio, Glimpse of my Journey


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