What is Aura? How it can get affected ?

The aura is like a mirror of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It will show what is happening with the person through the way the aura is projected. The energy field around us, which is called the aura, can be affected by others and the environments that we are in. Any imbalances that are within the body, the emotions that we have, our mind and thoughts will show up in the auric field.

If you ever have been in room with people that are very anger or sad, you probably felt that energy. You may have experienced those emotions after leaving or just an uneasy feeling. This is because the lower vibrations had an effect on your energy field. But it does not last long and can be easily cleared if you want it to. The negative energy that we can pick up can come from our work place, shopping or just being out in different environments other than a cleansed space. The energy that we pick up may feel heavy or just an uneasy feeling. The auric field can get a heavy or dark energy.