Unlocking the power of emotions:

 “Know Yourself,” that open-self-awareness where emotions are simply messages:

One should develop the skills of inquiry characterized by openness and curiosity about your own and others’ feelings. There can be many times of emotions stored in people such as contentment, sadness, despair or anger. Here at The Healing Zone, we support in understanding the logic of feelings.

To unlock the power of emotions, we address questions like ‘What the client feels this way’ and ‘What is this emotion trying to convey?’ This is the technique of emotional intelligence where we utilise the cognitive and emotional brain cells to work together.

The essence of a great healer is judged by how he taps the subconscious mind to study the feelings of the individual. Your fears often tend to come true, especially when you are very emotional about them. The foremost step to harness the subconscious mind is eliminate the thoughts loaded with negative emotions.

Counter technique: Every time a negative thought comes to a mind, you counter it with an extreme positive – counter thought.

To successfully achieve their goals, one must obtain the desire through its subconscious mind. After clearing such non essential emotions from the body (Physical and Mental) it becomes easier to open all available channels to the conscious mind for information on how to achieve that.

When you choose to stay positive in working towards your desire then only you can achieve success. Positivity is attained by keeping ourselves in a meditative being. It is important to align our thoughts and channelising it towards our desire. It is believed by many that we don’t require a special place to meditate rather we require the motive to stay positive.