The Harmonic Life Therapy(HLT) centres: Best Retreats in India

Today, all the people in the world are in search of happiness, inner peace and mental balance. Looking around we may find most people are always under constant pressure to excel in each and every field and status they compete in. Not only this has caused the world being fast-paced and advanced, but it also has spoilt the health of many in terms of their physical well-being as well as mental well-being. Although most of us are able to fulfill our worldly desires through money, still we are constantly searching for answers to questions which are unanswered and we become restless and empty within.

India is a country best known for its spiritual enlightenment, religious inclination, food and cultural diversity. The world has always been in awe with India’s varied seasons, its landscapes and its various escapades leading to pursuidtranquility. Many travellers around the world seek this inner transition in them and travel to India in search of peace.

Many of the hotels in India have hence transformed themselves into resorts and retreats suitable to the peaceful and learning environment. The travellers get attracted to such places.Some amazingly evolved and learned coaches have started programmes to help them find their objective in life and to fulfil their pursuitof satisfying their spiritual needs.

Dr Monica NagpalAgnihotri, a life coach and mind expert who has founded Harmonic Life therapy(HLT) is one such person whoholds many retreats across India and in the coming year is going global. She has been a successful practicing healer and trainer for thelast20years and has been known for her innovative teaching skills in India and overseas. Her retreats in India follow the attributes of her experience compiled in her technique Harmonic Life Therapy which mainly aims to build happiness within a person and find success in their own way. Her work has been appreciated and well received by successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, and also students.

Dr. Monica Nagpal’sHarmonic Life TherapyHLT) programme which covers different aspects of life a person can live with difficulties and convert them into opportunities, how can one solve his/herown problems; and how one can find constant bliss. These are some of the most important points covered in her programme. It covers various modalities of life such as how can one make changes according to one’s mistakes and how one can live with those doings in life and harmonize your own mental state. Her retreat programme offers the healing of mind and body with a compelling evolution of the soul.

So if you are looking for the best retreats in India, then Dr. Monica Nagpal’s retreat centre/s is your answer.