How to stay on the path of Success

-Dr Monica Nagpal Agnihotri (Life Coach & Mind Expert)

Life is a current with varying moods & modes. It keeps changing no matter how constant or monotonous it may appear to some. Just like the thought ocean has both troughs and crests, life too keeps switching it’s tone from high to low. A person who can attune to the life situations always stays on the path of success.

We all go through the passing phases when we feel completely down and out and the tumultuous nature of the happenings jolts us so badly that we may feel it is I-M-Possible to stand up to the situation and change the current. Staying afloat always can be made easily accessible and possible if we just train our minds to that effect. Lot is talked about this, we all are aware of lot of self-help jargon. I feel many a times it’s only lack of understanding and bad timing that results in elongated down periods.

With my experience of handling my own life and of thousands of clients and students worldwide, I have zeroed on two basic things

  1. Acceptance is one. By this I am referring to the fact that if we are able to accept every person or situation as it is without getting into the drama of  “why it happened” and “why me syndrome”, we surely have a better chance of coming out of the situation faster.
  2. Moving on/Living in the moment: A combination of letting go and just being in the moment leaves us in a far improved state for handling the issue/s at hand.

Must mention some people being what they are (my acceptance of their traits) and lack of willingness to engage in any activity that requires toil, they take these two points as excuse for not doing their duty. For them, I would like to add that you are stuck as you chose it in the past and you are not getting here because you are “choosing” to be stuck again. So blame no one but yourself. Precisely, my action is a very thing. By saying this I propound that if you are not feeling that luck is not on your side then remember you are to “act” faster and more. So we may add safely a third point to avoid any ambiguity

  • Taking timely actions, think solutions and work towards them.

As the above narrative explains in the light of “what”, let’s proceed to understand the “how”. For that I recently stumbled upon a short mantra (a formula) – “Calling the PCR”.

The process of Calling the PCR is like this;

Deliberation of choosing to focus on solutions in place of problem for a considerable period like 21 to 90 days helps in gaining the ability to stay and switch fast to the problem-solving mode in the hour of need.

While coping with stress one needs to garner a few personality traits and employ a few life skills like –

  • Taking responsibility for one’s actions
  • Decision making (making choices)
  • Patience, Perseverance & sense of commitment
  • Building goals by making a step by step success map
  • Seeking help and assistance
  • Watch your inner communication
  • Grab your goal

Watch the inner dialogue. Stay in momentum and do not let the inertia be fed by your victimhood, hurt, pain, regret, resentment, laziness, bad health. Exercise and build a healthy body to let your momentum mind stay energised. Be an opportunity magnet now and always. There is a lot that is possible.

Stay tuned for further info on how to energise your genetic code for Success.