Harmonic Life Therapy – Spirituality simplified

Imagine a queue in the spiritual world where everyone is looking for solutions regarding health, wealth relationships along with great spiritual journey. And there is another queue of masters or awakened souls who are giving these solutions to light searching souls. Who are these awakened souls and light searching souls? The answer is simple. These Awakened souls are more Empowered than the light searching souls.

Dr.Monica Nagpal Agnihotri is a divine source who has been helping mass of healers and non-healers around the world. Her deep and intense compassion made her to develop a technique Harmonic Life Therapy based on her extensive research of 15 years for improving the lives, the souls and quality of human life.

Harmonic Life Therapy (HLT) is simple, effective easy to learn and easiest to implement. It has been practiced by the people who are willing to improve quality of their lives, know the deepest secrets of universe, synchronisation with the truth of self and others. One who is empowered becomes a torch bearer for empowering others. Without any complexity Harmonic Life Therapy is categorised into three levels: Mpowerment, Mpowering, Mpowered. There are various healing tools & products of HLT which have the potential to help you for awakening self -power.

Undoubtedly, almost everyone requires to acquire a good materialistic possession in the society, loving and adorable relationship, successful spiritual journey, respect and a loving family.

We are having HLT workshops for every age, healers and non- healers.

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If you are Unique, Responsible & Extraordinarily Talented.. This technique is for you


If you are Not …This technique is for you