Best stress management retreats in India

People around the world have known stress as a painful part of their lives. But actually, there are distinctively two kinds of stress. One stress has our human species to survive for a billion years, keeps us struggling to live our lives and other stress is causing mental and physical imbalance. Today the world has become so busy that they don’t really realise how stressed they are. A recent study in India for stress and mental health has shown that 89% of Indians suffer from stress and 75% feel uncomfortable to seek help to relieve their stress. The statistical data collected shows that compared to many countries; India has a stress level higher than many other/developed countries. 

One cannot totally eliminate stress, but there are ways to improve the ability to handle it. The best stress management retreat in India is provided by Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri. Her research which is compiled into a unique technique called the Harmonic Life Therapy (HLT) focuses on a person’s consistency on mental and physical well-being. Her therapy in the retreat programmes has led many to understand the way of being healed and empowered and stay that way throughout their lives.

Other retreat programmes conduct programmes and courses that are often available in every retreat centre. But the programmes and empowering sessions provided in the workshop/retreats of Dr Monica Nagpal Agnihotri guarantees success and is totally unique in concept. The retreat centres cover three broad levels of healing a person



3. Mpowered

These 3 levels cover the broader aspects to clear the thoughts of a person through the basic understanding of the dynamics of your being. The learning of this first level will help you to take charge of his life, will make him know the answers to all his questions. It will help you create the life you always have dreamed and will give you instant motivation to live a life of constant success, joy and abundance. This level is about acquiring knowledge.

In the second level the programmes/sessions help you in getting yourself trained to make this acquired success and abundance a constant in your life. This is where you will how to co-create effortlessly, have a rekindled sense of powerful and strong mind which is ready for a change in life. This level is about understanding the acquired knowledge.

The third level brings to you how to achieve immense success, how to handle your relationships, how to inculcate the feeling of self-love within, spiritual ascension and how to lead a successful life of abundant wealth and great health. A much deeper knowingness of everything within and around is achieved. This is all about applying the knowledge and understanding of the previous levels.

Get enrolled in the life changing experiential programmes by the most motivational, experienced, successful life coach and the founder of Harmonic Life Therapy (HLT).