Bending without breaking

True tolerance makes us feel adaptable to situations. And when we are flexible we can accommodate and adjust in every life situation and maintain a positive well-being. The ability to bend without breaking is linked to the amount of tolerance we develop. When we are fully modifiable, we are able to adjust to the most unexpected, negative and difficult situations and people.

 Love does not mean perfection.

 Love is learning to understand. Love is forgiveness. Love is compromising. Love is putting another’s desires above your own. Love is knowing that through adversity, there is always faith of someone by your side. It allows us to grow with one another as well are maintain an unbreakable bond. Love may push you to bend but never break.

In every relationship there is a possibility that arguments might arise. There would also be disagreements, doubts and insecurities. Moreover, miscommunications are bound to happen. We are simply imperfect people trying to love perfectly. 

 Sometimes in life, we as humans become complacent with living superficially. We only want to see the pretty parts of a person because that is easier than trying to break down the walls and understand what it is beneath the surface. To know someone is one thing, but to understand them is something that is far more complex. It may take bending so close to the point of breaking before we are able to understand someone on a deeper level. 

 Never be afraid of digging below the surface. Bob Proctor once said, “change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice.” Adversities in your relationship will come, but I hope you choose to view them as an opportunity to grow together. I hope you choose to view them as an opportunity to bend.