Are You Using Your Emotional Intelligence In Workplace?

“Be affective and not just effective”

Emotional skills are as important as the manual skills. The emotional efficacy affects a process more than the skills of labor generally. Utilizing your EQ at your workplace means that you won’t have a tough time making decisions, managing conflicts, responding to criticism or simply dealing with your co-workers.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your EQ at work –

  • Know yourself

It is important to know your emotional triggers so that you can deal with them effectively and avoid taking impulsive decisions that can be detrimental to your long term goals and success. See what things bother you about your co-workers. You will be surprised to know that these things are a reflection of some qualities you dislike in yourself. You can learn more about your self-awareness by acquiring new skills or indulging in some mindful activities like meditation, travelling, etc.

  • Manage yourself

The next step after finding your emotional triggers is to learn how you can manage them. By practicing self-regulation, you can change unfavorable circumstances to your favor. Next time you feel provoked by a co-worker, take a pause and think before reacting.

  • Know your social environment

Build a good empathetic attitude towards everyone in office. By seeing outward, you will develop a better understanding of their emotional triggers which will lead to more meaningful conversations.

  • Manage your social environment

After gaining knowledge of your social environment, you can use it to manage your relationship with your team and co-workers. Increased social awareness helps to resolve conflicts and create a relaxed atmosphere with little stress which is conducive to your own growth as well as other people’s growth.

Surely, employees with high EQ are an asset to the company. Talk to us hereto know about our customised programs under corporate wellness category.