Appreciate your teammates everyday

Appreciation helps to build a successful and stable relationship with proper understanding. Appreciation makes the other person feel better and have a better interaction with each other. Appreciating your teammates creates a sense of value and enhances to build a better relationship. It is essential to reward a person for his excellent performance. It is a way to thank a person on your team who is worthy of deserving recognition. A healthy relationship demands an appreciation that sum-ups the whole doings of one-another.

There is a great need of appreciation in our daily lives and everyone needs it. The appreciation doesn’t mean to be thanking the person but also accepting one’s efforts. The contribution of the other person and the efforts been made. The appreciation also means to show the importance of their presence in your life.

The team mates commence their good will or his value. Appreciating the one is also being thankful to what you have in your life and reminding it to those who are special to you and matters to you. Appreciating teammates creates a special bond between you both and having all the good wishes in between. It can also result in making them feel special as it does reflect a strong bond between the two. Its our duty to cope- up with the teammates at whatever it costs. This results in better actions at the time when the things can be out of control or can be in worst situation.

Acknowledging the teammates also result in the encouragement and celebrating the enthusiasm with each other. It can act as a healer to those who are working under pressure or they are stressed due to their work. At those times, appreciating them can endeavour positive energy in them and executing each work in a proper manner happily and efficiently.

It all can start only when you appreciate yourself first. Appreciate yourself for everything you do. Try to find all the positive vibes from inside the work you do or did before. This can result yourself of doing good and being happy all the time. And when you are happy from inside, it always results in good understanding and appreciation continues to be done each time you appreciate yourself.

There are few techniques one can adopt to appreciate their fellow teammates:
– Give recognition to the whole team as well as the Project Hero exclusively
– Notice your unsung Heroes
– Indulge in their work and highlight the part you like the most
– Turn around an underperformer by valuing his small efforts
– Tie their efforts to a bigger purpose
– Remind them of the why of their work
– Give public praise