THE 21 DAYS BASIC CAPSULE COURSE Will train you to be ready to tread on the path of ever growing success

Coaching is a developmental process in which a coach (an experienced person) helps the coachee (client/learner) regarding the personal or professional goal/s by providing training and guidance. A good coach is categorized by a rich experience, non-judgemental mindset and a compassionate nature with a strong hold on life skills.  In today’s world of stress and dilemmas there is a sudden rising need of good coaches. Would you like to be a coach to the seekers? Remember a coach can be successful in guiding others only if he/she has achieved a certain level of material or spiritual enhancement on his/her own merit and has the depth and courage to adhere to the required characteristic traits. Apply Now to join our BECOME A COACH course.

Are you an aspiring coach? List your achievements. A coach can be successful in guiding others only if he/she has achieved a certain level of material or spiritual enhancement on his/her own merit and has the depth and courage to adhere to following characteristic traits;

Traits of a Coach
Genuineness Physical fitness
Habit of fulfilling commitmentMental flexibility
Good sense of timingA balanced ego
Time ManagementInnovation & research streak
Emotional balance & satisfactionSolution centric approach

This course designed by Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri is a well-researched simplified and functional programme for the chosen few who are ready to unleash their held back self to tread on a path of utmost noble, fulfilling and paying career of repute.

Note: There will be eligibility criteria to be fulfilled. Selection of the candidate to enrol is at the discretion of the founder who is Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri. There will be a test and interview before you can join the course. Any form incomplete in any manner will be rejected. On receipt of your form we will revert to you in three weeks after screening your form and your test will be scheduled.All the Best!



Do you…

  • facing issues in getting your life act together?
  • getting influenced by views/opinions of others easily?
  • Confused and uncomfortable while taking decisions or doubt yourself?
  • suffering within due to lack of self esteem?
  • facing angry issues?
  • feeling insecure about anything?
  • having any fears like- fear of the unknown, fear of being too bad or too good?
  • having unhealthy or conflicting relationships?
  • having a problem connecting with others & getting accepted by others?
  • having a problem expressing yourself?
  • having any personal or professional issues?
  • having any issues with love and relationships?
  • having any lack of money, lack of luck etc.?
  • having any career bump/s which are becoming a pattern?
  • having spiritual aspirations and are looking for answers?
  • feeling that you wish to dedicate your life to helping others and live a happy life?

If any of the above is true for you, the solutions are waiting for you my friend.

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    Know your Master Coach

    Dr.Monica Nagpal Agnihotri is an internationally acclaimed life designer & mind expert, author, speaker, coach & mentor. She founded The Healing Zone in 2007 consequential of her prolonged ingrained interest in behavior analysis and holistic healing. Whereas her formal journey in the behavioural growth patterns started in 2002. A charismatic personality, she has the mastery to impact the richest & the poorest, the ignoramus & the wise, helping them to envision their dreams by embracing self- empowerment. Her teaching methodology does not adhere to one shoe fits all strategy, but stems from the fact that every individual is different thereby recognizing their individual needs and requirements. Her training sessions have been testified in huge numbers to be life changing by her clients. Seasoned by her passion in Holistic Health, she is a master coach with over 18 years of defining experience in direct counseling and mentoring people with varied ethnic diversity. ( My Bio, Glimpse of my Journey)


    Application for BECOME A COACH

    A 21 Days Basic Capsule Course


      I hereby declare that all the information provided above is true and verifiable. If any discrepancy found you are eligible to be disqualified without any refund of fee paid. Also, I am the decision maker and I am choosing to join this course and intend to complete it with utmost sincerity and commitment.