Dr Monica Nagpal Agnihotri is a new age mentor & coach. Often referred to as a miracle woman and a material yogi. She has lived a miraculous life surviving life situations, career disasters, health issues; healing diseases like cancer,diabetes, hypertension,kidney stones, brain issues etc.; training and coaching many all over the world to be winners and has a champion mindset.

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My endeavor is to facilitate and mentor each and all to be empowered to deal with all life situations with ease & grace in order to design/re-design a life replete with constant joy and abundance easily and effortlessly in the Now.

Highway to Happiness

Work & Activities

Motivational Talks

These are organised to share fundamental concepts of good living and contribute towards making a positive…

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Corporate Trainings

There is a wide range of seminars, workshops and retreats to choose from. Make a choice according to your requirement…

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Spiritual Coaching

Owing to my experience of working with thousands of clients and students about their spiritual quest I have…

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Dr Monica Nagpal Show

This is an endeavour to connect digitally with as many of you as I can at different time zones catering to my…

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IILCI – Train the Trainer

This is the latest initiative in the wake of creating a Certified and well-trained Life Coaches, Relationship…

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Research & Innovations

This is the most important part of my working schedule as this keeps me aware,alert and ready to harness the cosmic…

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I conduct seminars for the busy folks who can squeeze out only a few…

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I hold these workshops for all those who wish to learn and unlearn in…

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For people who join us in the retreat, we have specially designed programs…

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Spiritual Healing

Corporate Training

Space Healing

Tarot Reading

Joyshops (workshops for children up to the age of 12 years)



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